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It constantly educates myself in order to find solutions to all your problems you may encounter in the digital environment; I am in an effort to serve you better by trying to keep up with all kinds of innovations. I have been serving you with the HD Solutions company that I established in 2020.

Electronic Communication Technology Program |İzmir Vocational School
Faculty of Management | Anatolian University
Computer Programming | Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University
Computer Engineering | METU - Middle East Technical University
Ambulancemed - IT Manager
Akkus Law Firm - Digital Transformation Consultant
Investurco Consultancy - SEO Consultant
Group Merkez Damage - Digital Transformation Consultant
Durumdefence- Digital Transformation Consultant
Pasifik Reklam - Digital Transformation Consultant

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If you would like me to share my knowledge and experience with you, call me: +905551040648 or send me a mail support@hdsolutions.net